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Our Horses

We currently have 5 horses, but if you are a larger group we can collaborate with another local company! Just give us a little warning.

IMG_5204 (1).JPG


In spanish his name means 'bright star' because of the marking on his face. A fast paced horse of 14yr. More fun to ride with a little experience, but he is safe for beginners.


Black Socks 'Medias Negras'

Beautiful boy of 8yrs and can be quite stubborn with food. This photo says it all. He is the alpha of the heard, and arguably the fastest, but can be controlled by children! 



Her name symbolizes a being so bright and pure that it can be seen on the outside. She gave birth in July 2017, and again in May 2019. So she is still on a maturnity leave, but will be back in the saddle soon. She is 8yrs and wonderful for light weight or nervous people and great with kids!



Yarrar is about 7 years old, and definitely our smartest horse. He is great for all age and skill level as he changes how he acts accordingly.



Our newest and finest! She is now almost 3 years old and was the easiest to train and eager to be on rides with the pack! We usually will guide with her but she is learning knew things everyday and rides with an uplifting arch and very light hand.

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